Komatsu Ayaka

Name: Komatsu Ayaka

Birthday: July 23, 1986

Place of Birth: Iwate Prefecture

Blood Type: A

Height: 159 cm (5'3")

A famous Idol who has released many CDs and done many commercials. She gives monthly performances at the local hospital and is often seen in the company of her manager, whom she calls "Shacho".

Her fans include Tsukino Usagi, Mama, Kino Makoto, Mizuno Ami, Osaka Naru, Abe Kanami, and Kimura Momoko.

Name: Aino Minako

Transforms to: Sailor Venus

Friends: Senshi, Artemis, Saitou Sugao

Love Interest: Officially None, but Minako/Rei and Venus/Zoisite are popular fandom pairings.

Allies: Senshi, Luna, Artemis

Enemies: Shitennou, Youma, Queen Beryl, Kuroki Mio, Metallia, Serenity

Single Attacks: Venus Crescent Beam, Venus Love-Me Chain, Rolling Heart Vibration

Items: Crown Passport, Tiara, Silver Bracelet/Jewelry Star Bracelet, Sailor Star Tamborine, Love-Me Chain, Twin Swords (Special Act, the same swords Mars used in Act 49)

Difference in Uniform: As the false Princess, Sailor Venus had a crescent moon replacing her normal tiara, and had a Ginzuishou in the tiara in her hair. As a regular senshi, she has her Love-Me Chain around her waist. Like Sailor Mars, her back bow is the same color as her skirt. She also has one stripe on her collar instead of 3.

Key Points
Venus was the first senshi to be contacted. Artemis came to her on Christmas, and she began her adventures as Sailor V soon after. She did not reveal herself to be Sailor Venus until later, and even then she was acting as a decoy princess.

Minako is an extremely popular Idol, with several hit singles out and lots of commercials and appearances. When two new rivals, Mars Reiko (really Hino Rei) and Kuroki Mio (Beryl's shadow) appeared, she had to fight to maintain her popularity.

Unfortunately, balancing her career and her mission as a senshi became increasingly difficult as her terminal illness progressed, and her refusal of treatment in order to continue the mission of the past life put her at odds with Rei and Artemis.

Minako had the best memories of the past life, and as a result she desperately triesd to keep Usagi away from Tuxedo Kamen and later Endymion. She and Zoisite recognized that they have similar missions, and even teamed up in an effort to keep the two lovers seperated.

Once her illness began to affect her ability to continue her mission, she decided to quit being an idol. While her friends finally showed her that the current life mattered just as much of the past, her decision to act on her own treatment came too late...